Hi jill & sub
I,m at day 52 flowering my 2 jtr,s and 7 jb,s,And blooming lovely they are too.
Right heres what i got..
Ripper 1 went 12/12 at 15 inches and finished stretch at 24 inches.
Ripper 2 went 12/12 at 22 inches and finished at 46 inches..
Both are lording it over the rest of my grow with their abundance of resin I,ve got 2 different ssh pheno,s that dont come close.

The jillybeans were all flowered at between 20 and 22 inches and finished at 34 to 38 inches with the exception of one which is about 42 inches and slightly more spindly..
5 were almost identical and the other one spread wide when topped..
BTW they smell gorgeous,Different fruits coming at ya from different angles mmmmmmmmmm
I have to say about the impressive fem ratio,s i got from these beans,
Germed 2 JTR,s got 2 fems..
Germed 10 jillybeans got 8 fems,Like i said very impressive.

I just got myself a new microscope so hopefully i can take the guess work out of harvest times..
But was wondering if the good peeps at TGA would give me a headstart and tell me when i should be looking to crop these beauties for max potency.
Thanks for your time