I started my girls to 12/12 approx. 17 days ago. I had a scare about 4 days ago, but, Thanks to Pistils, I avoided total devastation. Anyway, I have 4 plants in flower, 2 have very nice bud sets, but the other two...? I don't know, They have hairs growing and there are definite bud sites but they aren't laying open. The leaves that usually lay out laterally on top of one another seem to stay reaching up vertically. I've been watching for herms, and they haven't shown any signs of that. I just don't know. (Unfortunately, I have no access to a digital camera at the moment so I hope my description is enough to form a mental picture in someone's mind). If you can imagine this equals sign = as the way bud leafs lay out on top of each other, then these two L's ll represent how my bud leafs are currently growing, they're reaching straight up!!
Any ideas, anyone, I'm at a loss of ideas here.