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    Thread: HYDROTOPS nutrient brand! STAY AWAY....

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      Default HYDROTOPS nutrient brand! STAY AWAY....

      This thread is to have a right good moan about a product range out there called HYDROTOPS.

      The brand that I am talking about is HYDROTOPS which is a company that is based in Birmingham UK. Any Midlands users are sure to have heard of this name at some time during thier growing carear.
      The range is made up from around 12 products Tripple FFF, Bioponic grow, Bioponic Bloom and Bactivator are some products in the range.

      The owner founded the company I belive on the concept that he could tailor or formulae nutrients to suit a certain area's water supply, Birmingham being one of the main ones. He has held Grow seminars in front of people saying that if you get a Flo-gro (A basic one plant drip ring hydro system with clay pebble media and 10L root capacity on recirculation) and a 250w HPS; you should use the products vegging the plant while constantly topping it until you have 36 tops?! Then once you have that you use the products through the bloom period and a yield of 36oz or 1 kilo of dried buds can be achieved!!!!???? Even though that would mean that your getting 4 grammes per watt of lighting used!! Some how I DONT THINK SO!

      He tryed to get his products into the shop Greenstream, but to no avail; heres what happened.......Veg food samples were tested on plants in the shop, a couple of days later the part B got knocked over and spilt all over the floor, Opps. The next day the owner of the business asked for a new part B sample and got given a completly new set of both A+B. He fed the same plants on the new bottles; within 1 day the plants were hanging on for life all fucked up and burned etc. suspicion arose straight away and both bottles were sent off to Growth technology for analasis. The results that came back showed no relashionship between the first set and the second set, and they also asked "are they a different nutrient brands?" even though they are both A+B Hydrotops grow foods; Amazing....To this day I belive that this food is mixed in 100L dustbins somewhere......

      Bottom line folks is dont waste your hard earned doller on these products...

      These are my honest views on these products confirmed by a string of dissapointed ex-hydrotops consumers! Please take note.....

      Chronical .........................................
      Last edited by chronical; 27th February 2006 at 11:01 AM.
      Any posts made by me are purely fictional in nature and by no means is anything I say to be taken seriously. I do not grow or condone the growing of anything not legal. Any and all pictures I post are pictures widley available on the internet and any discussions I am involved in are purely hypothetical or are commentary in nature and should not constitute advice or be considered advice to assist in activities that are deemed illegal.

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