There are many like it but this one is mine, FMJ, lol. now with that said Ive seen all kinds of DIY cloners all over the net I didnt copy any one specificly I just figured it would work I dont know much about cloning I just tried it this first time with the ceramic stones and it worked, before Ive used wands and other bubble producers and they didnt work as well.
Items needed

$3 Sterlite storage tray, the one I got works perfect for 6 clones and its 12x6, try and get one with a snap on lid so you dont have to seal the lid with weather stripping or whatever.

$15 EZ clone inserts, you get 35 of them in a bag, roach and clips not included

$3 aquarium tubing and t connector

$10 2 ceramic air stones you might be able to get away with 1 but there only $5 each

$15 1 Quart Clonex, when mixed it makes 25 gallons of solution, for this tub you only need 1.5 gallons that works out to 16 batches of clones

This is the way I have it set up with the stones directly under the cuttings

I used a 1 3/4 hole saw to make the holes for the inserts and a dremel tool for the aquarium hose, and the inserts and solution work out to less than $1 each for each batch, add in an air pump for $10 the hole shabang ends up costing you $26.

Heres the soak times on this batch, Right column from the top NYCD 4 days, NYCD 2 weeks, NYCD 2 weeks, Left top P2 4 days, P2 1 week, Sputnik male 1.5 weeks.

This is my first real "how to" so cut me some slack, lol

I tried scraping the stem to make the root pattern more spread out rather then all at the bottom it seems to work, other than that, mist them the first night and I leave my light on for 24/7, anything else that anyone wants to add or suggest here please feel free, as I said in the beginning I dont know much about cloning I just know this works.

One for the road...................