Well I'm just a week into my first grow part. 2 After my part 1 issues everything seems to be going fine. I popped 8 seeds from the last decent mid grade I had been smoking and they are going good.

I managed to salvage the feminized strawberry cough, and one spacequeen from my first failed attempt.

Any way with those two plants taking back off and my new bag seeds coming up I'm worried about space. the strawberry cough and spacequeen areon about there fourth set of leafs and the seeds I just popped are working on their third but they are F*#@ing huge about 4 or 5 times bigger then my known genetics.

Guess thats not a bad problem to have if I can pull some good smoke from them but with them being so big what are the chances of that? Guess we'll find out and I'll post some pics here in a little bit.