Hello Breedbayers! (and all former OG/ICmaggers that are new Breedbayers.)

Here's a special sneak preview for Breedbay showing the cover of the July 06 issue of High Times Magazine featuring our story on The Rise and Fall of Overgrow.

The story, written by Chris Bennett and accompanied by photos from former OG members (Mr. Hades, Vaaran, Moonshineman II, and TGA's own Sunycheba), seeks to explain some of the history of OG and the takedown and subsequent frenzy that ensued.

Other articles in the magazine include an overview and test grow of Serious Seeds, our Pot Travel Special featuring Ibiza, Jamaica and Amsterdam and a 3-page article on my trip to Amsterdam to interview Reeferman and the DNA Genetics boys and much more...

P.S. The centerfold is a killer shot of Grape Ape.