Well... naa ill leave the nice posts to MzJill as i cant compete..he he.. u make it seem like an art.. so ill get back to what i wanted to post... I decided that some of my motherplants are getting a bit long in the tooth and need to be flowered off..

So, I have JTR, 2 Pheno's Of Orange Velvet, 2 Dannyboys, and various others that i already have duplicate mothers of already.. so i took a few clones from the 3 mentioned above.. and took some pics while i was at it..

A 6 Month Old JTR MOTHER

Her new home after a Quick tidy up trim and a few cuts to keep some mothers going. and took a few more pics..
Ready for the rooting gel and then into the cubes
All 3 varieties preserved in the prop, damp coir lined to maintain humidity and buffer the bottom from the sometimes excessive heat from prop heater...

All closed up vents and starting to get humid.. the lights are set to 18/6 and i imagine signs of life in 6-9 days.. we will see..

i trimmed more from teh JTR mother than i kept for cuttings, as there were quite a few wispy skinny new shoots searching for light.. i remove these due to them hindering airflow around the buds and not yielding anything due to being shaded.

So.. in here now there is..

DannyBoy, Orange Velvet,JTR,Conquistador, Cheese,LA COnf, and SAMUI... should be interesting..