This makes the third time this has happened. I check my bloom room to find a dark lamp.
I guess it's my fault for using the wrong bulbs. I thought I was buying premium bulbs, as they were well over $100 each.
I have listened to reason as to why this is happening, as the sales pitch tells us that our bulbs will last much longer using a digital ballast. Which goes back to my poor choice in lamps.
When I was buying grow equipment I figured I would get a spare bulb, for each light, just in case. Even though I shouldn't need it.

To my surprise I did need the spares, both of them, and could use another, as I am once again without enough light to sustain my garden.

I have tried emailing a guy that works for lumitech, I got lots of smoke up the @ss- but when the smoke cleared, I am still sitting here blowing bulbs.
The replacement ballast cost me a pretty penny to ship both ways. So much in fact, that I could have bought a ballast with the money instead. Of course I couldn't afford a lumitech, but then again, I'd have less grief with a magnetic ballast.

So this time sending the ballast back is out of the question.

I'll junk it first-