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    Thread: englands chances in this years world cup

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      Default englands chances in this years world cup

      ....have we shot ourselves in the foot or what losing rooney???
      yeah we have.
      ..have we put our faith in a guisa whos out the back door in about 6wks anyway so his selection was based on giving us a crap strikeforce to the aid of his fellow country sweden...
      i think so dont you?
      and what do we see on 2moras back pages of uk papers....

      a quote from theo walcott the 17yr old being taken to world cup by england as a replacement to possibly one of the best out an out strikers in the world at the moment...
      theos 3 steps to heaven...
      1...pass my driving test. a vw golf car....thats when i started getting worried!
      3...lift the world cup for england......shit man...i fell off my chair with laughter!

      am i the only true englishmen here that thinks this all stinks of ol sven in his own fecked up cross dressing sorta way is somehow getting his own back for all the press intrusion he says hes had in his life while managing england?
      i think not.

      we got a premiership striker whos english and dont even get a sniff(darren bent!)
      top english premiership striker this year in possibly one of the strongest leagues in the world and he gets snubbed...something is very stinky this just aint sitting right.

      i mean including rooney and owen in your provisional 23 man squad who are both injured is just crazy...the swedish dick has gotta go....
      the sooner the better imo...
      that sven has got too many sinister sides to his personality(you know they say a way to a persons soul is through his eyes...i rest my bloody case!)

      i wouldnt put the guisa out of place if he was outside a swedish sex shop wearing just a mac and an editors edition of big swedes...the guisa just looks dodge!

      and peter crouch..whats that all about..the guisa cant even turn quick...hes got two left feet..and what? were running him and ol volkswagon head up front in the biggest football competition in the world?

      looks like ol sven has walked out on england smiling his sorry arse off.....

      pls dont tell me im the only englishmen feeling like we been robbed ?


      a pissed off/not even optimistic england fan.....!
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