Ok when I transplanted last run I tried a new product as an additive to my super soil, it is called Roots organic and you can read all about it in my how to soil thread. When I transplant I place about ½-2/3rd super soil in bottom and layer the top with a nice store bought to let the plant get started before hitting the hot mix. I also placed a JC in just the Roots organic and placed them in the rear of the garden.

I feed the plants only water and with the super soil I totally dialed in the mix this time and have the healthiest garden I have had in awhile. For the first 30 days the plant without super soil did just fine but about day 35 she showed signs of fading. I fed her some Pure Blend Bloom and a cap full of Earth Juice Grow, she stood up that night and showed turgid leafs but in soil esp that late once fading starts that early its hard to completely stop it.

You can see the yellow leaves and how the plant has even some dead leaves on her. I didn't touch either of these plants before taking pics so you see them how they are.
You can see the yellowing on the Roots only plant has progressed quite far up each leaf and I believe it affected the total yield although both plants are gigantic and between the two we should stash away 10 zipps.

I also notice the plant that wasn't in super soil seems to have finished faster, maybe it is because the healthier one is still so green but she needs more time and I am taking the yellow one tonight.

The smell on both is what youd expect out of JCf1 lemon mania with a hint of Haze. The plant in super soil was off to the side as well and the Roots plant was directly under the bulb to make sure she had the best opportunity.

Don't get me wrong this plant is still done very well and will taste incredable.

Ok 1 full size then the healthy one.

* It will take me a bit to upload*