On a never ending quest to get higher our encrusted resin reporter “Dank Nugget” takes you into the depths of the Trichome factory here at TGA. Our Cannabis radar is pegged and I think were going to get lucky today as we blast off on this THC endeavor.

We have had reports of Aliens in the Delta sector so lets check in with Dank and see if he's found anything.

“Dank reporting sir we seem to have some bombdankity off the port bow I think I will zoom in for a closer look”

My God it seems all the vegetation in this area is covered in a think gooey substance, some are cloudy and some are actually Amber I am not sure if its safe to approach or not.

Arm the Super photon Bong!

I think we must be caught in its gravitational pull.

I'm going down don't forget the

Ok Serious reporting coming up!