Ello Ello - How are we all? High as a kyte I hope

In the process of planning my first sog run and would appreciate any advice or tips from you seasoned soggers out there.

Now if i pack them in a 4per sq ft, usually you'd have little to no veg time-just let them get a grip after they've rooted and away you go?
Whereas If I packed them in say 2 per sq ft, i could give them a slightly longer veg.
NOw heres me problem-I'd like to get a quick harvest done here (a true sog if you will) take cuts-root-veg a day-then flip, which is fine. But I plan to run paradise's Sensi star, which to those of you that have grown her know she bushes out big-time, yet wont even double in height onced flipped.

If i go packing aload of sensi stars in a 4per sq ft without a veg time, i cant really see them taking off to well.Do you think the room will overgrow if they're in @ 4per sq ft, yet i give them a weeks veg. Still going for a primarily single cola plant, but just giving her a week to give her a better chance of finishing off with a fairly-lengthy sized cola!

Do the sog growers out there think it would be in my intrests to throw down the density(to 2 per sq ft) and go for a lengthier veg period, or keep them at 4per sq ft and give a few days veg??
Any general advice would be helpful and very much appreciated from the Guv.

All The Best Farmers