This is my 2nd grow and first time growing Jillybean. I've been advised to top the plants.

I've read the chapters on topping in 2 different books and read through the tutorials here and another site. But I've still got some questions.

1st, how do I know *when* to top? Is it a time thing or a size thing?

2nd, does anyone have a very detailed photo that shows me exactly WHAT I am supposed to cut off? I found one photo on this site that shows it, but it's kinda fuzzy and I can't really tell for sure, exactly what I am supposed to be cutting.

Last, I have 2 different strains. I have been advised to top both. Should I top them at the same time, or perhaps my answer to question #1 will answer this?

I don't have a lot of vertical room available. Ideally I'd like my plants to be about 24"-30" at most. They are currently in their first real week of Veg and between 2-4" tall.

I *know* this is a total newbie question and I have read, but as I mentioned I'm quite nervous about this and would really like to see details "before & after" photos, if at all possible.

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