I have one, out of four females, with a problem I assuredly created! Right before I switched the lights to 12/12, I found out I had to move out of my house, before they were finished. So, in an attempt to salvage these robust Chemdog and Diesel ladies I pulled them out of their Drip/DWC setup that they were in, and put them in an organic soil mix with organic nutes(steamed bone meal, blood meal, kelp meal, flowering bat guano and superthrive for root shock). My soil mix was Bumper Crop Organic soil(2cu.ft.), Black Forest organic soil ammendment, vermiculite, perlite, and green sand. For the first couple of days growth stunted due to mild transplant shock, and then they took off again. Well, I then found out that I didn't have to move out, so, with my head up my bottom, I decided to retransplant three of them, back into the Drip/DWC, where they had been thriving prior to the first transplant. Now, here's the problem, one of the three retransplants in the Drip/DWC has limp, brown to dark brown roots, no hairs are growing from the roots like on the others, and the nute solution is building up on the root system like a sludgey goop. Every other day I have to rinse the roots with water ( ph- 5.5) so that the roots can feed on the nute solution . The buckets are aerated very well and there is plenty of circulation in the solution that stays in the bucket so I don't understand why it builds up like this. Firstly, are the roots, as described, dead? If they are should I remove them? I'm not sure that the roots are dead because the plant is still growing and looking rather healthy. The bud sets are growing nicely with a usual amount of crystals forming, I'm at a loss as I don't know what the problem I caused is, other than severe shock. Retransplanting was a real STUPID thing to do, but I overestimated the plants vigor and assumed she could handle it? They have about 2-3 more weeks left, and I'd like to salvage her if I can. Please any and all help will be greatly appreciated. And I promise to take my head out of my ass long enough to listen !!!