Rellikbuzz asked me to do this thread so he could add it to the GrowFAQ... I'll try to make it worthy.

Situation: You have a big nug of some dank homegrown, but over the years you've come to realize that smoking is probably damaging your health. You don't want to eat cookies all the time and you just love the act of smoking in itself. To top things off, you only have $50 to spend to help your situation.

Solution: Build yourself a vaporizer! It only requires four essential items.

Item #1: Heat Gun

The heat gun is the heating element of the vaporizer (duh) that you use instead of flame. This way the THC and other cannabinoids are released in a steam of oil vapor rather than harsh smoke that can damage your lung tissue. Find one that has a little stand and you're set. I got mine on eBay for around $10 after shipping.

Item #2: Dimmer Switch

This is to control the intensity of the heat gun, as its factory setting will burn your weed. You need to get one that you can plug the heat gun into. Mine cost about $18 from local hardware store. Total cost so far: About $30.

Item #3: Whip

If you have a favorite pipe that you can't stand to let sit unused, you can probably use the heat gun on it instead of a lighter. Personally I suggest investing in a whip, which you can get either online or from your local headshop if they sell whip vaporizers like vaporbros. I got mine from a shop, it cost $20. Whips are great because they've got a long tube so that you can smoke it like a hookah rather than bringing the heat gun up close to your face. I've had some success using a bong with the heat gun too, but it really depends on the bowl shape. The whip is perfect. Total cost so far: About $50.

Item#4: Cannabis!

I shouldn't have to explain this one.

Constructing the vaporizer

This part is extra simple. Just plug the heat gun into the dimmer switch.

Then break up some weed and suck it into the whip.

Now turn on the heat gun and adjust the heat with the dimmer switch. If your heat gun and dimmer switch work the same as mine, you will probably want it just under half way. When you find the right spot on the dimmer switch, it's best to mark it.

Now just put the whip up to the heat gun and inhale! Soon you will be stoned.