I have just got around to repotting the few Kush seeds i started into 6.5L pots of coco coir with 3" of clay pebbles to aid drainage in the bottom of each pot.. the planting hole was sprinkled with myccorhizial funghi . so lets hope now they gettin some attention, they will deliver the goods..

Im a fan of kush ever since i found a lovely hindu kush pheno back in the day when i was using sensi seeds. here is a pic of its funky leaf shape, a few of these were mutants, i will post some pics of them tomorow when i repot the big one and throw the rest.

from what i remember , my old kush always had a crinkley sort of drooped look to the fan leaves.. and a blueish hint..

they smell really really nice.. pongy.. so im keeping the male as he stinks too.. fingers crossed.. for Kusheese..