Hi guys was just wondering if anyone with some knowledge in aeroponic systems could answer a quick question,this problem is not mine but a friends.

The question is would you lose any plant growth taking cuttings from a
bubbler then putting them into an aeroponics system,i have,nt saw his setup but what he has said is from moving the cutting into the aero system the roots grown in the bubbler (the water roots) have stopped growing and larger spiked roots have started to grow from the base of the stems.

I have looked through the Aero section and the roots would probably look similar to the pic of the roots Pistils has put up only on a smaller scale,so what i think he means is, the four week old roots from the bubbler will they die or will they continue to grow...? as he has said they have stopped growing since going into the Aero system, and now the spikier roots are appearing i hope i have explained this ok guys and i hope someone could give some good advice thanks for your time...zero