Much thanks, p, for the chance to treasure hunt these packs
This won't be a typical test thread, but one seeking out terpy and/or rosin producing strains for commercial production. The loud,funky RareDankness Starkiller(SkywalkerOGKush×RD#2)male(Sonic), hopefully will bring its lemony goodness to combine with pistils' fine selected stock.

The female- an exceptionally potent, huge-yielding, resin producing plant, with an amazing citrus terpene profile.

The female- what more needs to be said about this extremely potent, funky girl.

The female- this old girl has a intensely, captivating lime smell with a tantalizing taste in rosin, she colors in the cold.

RareDankness Starkiller(SkywalkerOGKush×RD#2)

LemonBlast (SuperLemonHaze#9×BlueberryBlast)

AmnesiaBlast (AmnesiaHaze×BlueberryBlast)

These red cups are all in a coco mix now, about to be presexed. All females will be topped for clone, transferred to larger pots with amended soil, and fed with ACTs, water, some topdressings.
More pics&updates soon...