As we all hoped for a hands off on rec pot, it seems we are now in the crosshairs once more.
For the record, I didn't vote for him as very early on I saw trouble coming with the advent of a Trump Whitehouse. I think things are now going to get rough again for those trying to do the right thing the lawful way. I find it interesting that many of the folks I know who did vote for the man are now stopping to wonder if they didn't shit on their own dinnertable in doing so in regards to pot. They wanted change. I understand that. But the GOP is still laboring under the misinformation of the suppressive old government view that pot is a killer, driven by racism and a desire to control. I believe it's all they have ever been told, that pot destroys lives and makes people stupid. Their whole life that's all they have believed so it easy to understand why it's so hard to turn it around in their minds. This I believe is where we need to work on, to force the facts of the plant, it's science and its acceptance as a real world tool for a wide variety of applications that improve life in more ways than can listed here.
I believe these to be good people who just need facts and the knowledge that good people do smoke pot and that they and their own lives are more affected by it than they ever knew.
So, I'd love some ideas from those here on how we as a group here can help them and how we can help ourselves.