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    Thread: Goji crosses looking great!!

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      Default Goji crosses looking great!!

      2 years ago i started a bunch of seeds. Ive gone through 2 packs of goji og and got 18 males. Most people would be mad. At the time i was searching for males, i saw it as a sign. I put many males from many different strains into flower. With no females, the purpose was to visually inspect these males and choose the best one. There was one goji male that stood out. He was shorter than the other gojis, developed bud sites fast, dropped his pollen faster than any male in the room, he had a very strong strawberry smell. It was an obvious choice. I even stress tested the males to see if any intersex traits were present. If you didnt know males can be intersex too. This goji male was solid. Zero intersex traits. Honestly im an idiot for getting rid of him, but i dont sell seeds and i dont just want to take peoples gear and make money on it. Bodhi created something special, im not a hack. I crossed the goji to everything i had. Because of the strawberry smell i was very excited to cross him to kyle kushmans strawberry cough. I was hoping the offspring would come out like a more resinous strawberry cough with maybe a bit of og funk to it. Well i got exactly what i was looking for. Thats what is pictured above, the strawberry cough x goji keeper.

      This male was crossed to strawberry cough, pine queen dream, cherry pie, pineapple fields, sonic boom, platinum og, dark cherry og, conspiracy kush, acdc, ms universe, alien dawg, bananna kush, afgoo, and pineapple express. Ive started the pineapple fields x goji, the pine queen dream x goji, and the strawberry cough x goji. Finding keepers in all of them, zero intersex traits present, he has sped up flowering time on the p fields. Some of the phenos are not as strong smelling as id like but i know its there.

      I have collected some amazing clone onlys over the last year and i just did a large seed run. Ive got some good males too. Hopefully i can start producing fire seeds again
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