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    Trying to get more organized...sorting,labeling,downloading canna pics from the last few years...wanted to share some photos of a few BCO strains that have grown in my least, that's what I think of everytime I crawl underneath the dense canopy to hand-water...

    BlackGrape- PK88xChitral

    She's probably a 8-8.5 weeker. Chopped early for health reasons. PK leaner.

    Black Grape (b)

    She had much more weight than her sister, bigger buds not as solid though. Chitrali leaner.


    I thought she would never express any reddish traits, but an unseasonably warm week(~2wks prior to early harvest), she started to turn color. I had a PineappleFields do the same thing at the same time.

    PR: Very mold and pest resistant. Didn't require any special attention.
    Very sturdy branch structure to hold up the heavy colas, even in constant high gusty wind. In fact, I had to tie her to the fence because a high gust blew her down even weighted down with watered 30gal.pot, no branches broken.

    The only issue, probably a good one to have, was trying to restrict the PR height. I had to top her during flowering, not once, but twice...ouch...just to keep her from getting too tall. Then, I still had to tie her down(in the pics you can see the tops going more sideways from the bondage). I think if I never topped her, she would've easily reached at least 12ft.or more.

    More info to come, thx...

    BlackHaze- ColumbianBlack/Columbian Gold/PurpleHaze
    Pics and descriptions soon...

    Rosa- UKOriginalCheese x CranberryHazeIBL(ColumbianGold/PurpleHaze/Pakistani)
    Pics and descriptions soon...

    Thanks for looking
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