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Thread: HELP: Whast your opinon on this problem

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    Default HELP: Whats your opinion on this problem

    I just want opinions please or tell me what I'm doing wrong . Plants are 30 days old .

    I diagnosed this as a Magnesium problem after researching LED's and Magnesium issues associated with LED growing. Am I wrong .

    Heres the run down ...

    18 gallon tote 13 gallons full
    LED 8-10in away
    Gave 7 grams of maxibloom for a light first feeding 1 week ago 5 -14 -15
    Gave 2 drops Thrive alive RED 1-1-1
    5 grams of Epsom salts
    1 oz liquid kelp 1-0-2

    PH is 5.8 I let it drift to 6.3 then lower it back down . I stay on this . I'm just baffled . ive been growing 16 yrs and never had none of these issues under HID lighting . I also checked PH Pen with 3 drop test everything reads the same . (Doesn't need calibrated) Checked the root zone no pest at all . root zone is white and healthy

    Only thing I can think of is maybe I'm under feeding to much . But I'm trying to get a feel for the light . Ive researched LED grows a lot and it says some strains will be cut by 1/3 on nuet strength . Also read they will need double the magnesium ?

    I just want to know what fellow members would try to do next . I'm used to lush dark green leaves

    So I figured why not ask the pros

    Thanks in advance YH

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