I received a cut last year that's supposedly Larry OG. Ive grown in base soil, super soil, fed with teas, small pots, big pots and pretty much everything else except bottled nutes. My issue is she never spits out more than 3 finger leaves. Some people said their Larry OGs spit out 5-7 fingers and that my plants are lacking something. Ive given her everything she could want and she still spits out 3. Best way Ive found to grow her is with a base soil and fed teas instead of putting her in super soil. The super soil always fries the plant, too hot. The base soil in 15gal fed teas works the best so far. She looks extremely happy and healthy.

Any other suggestions? Im starting to think my cut isn't Larry, just some crazy mutant cultivar that reeks of lemon lime and kush.