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Thread: Round III: Blue Dream - HSO :200w DIY COB LED

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    Default Round III: Blue Dream - HSO :2x 200w DIY COB LED

    Nov 10 2016
    Ok after having inspection . I left a few plants with someone with hardly any experience . The plants were dying as I had hid them in my home for 3 days (in the dark) previous of taking them to a friend . Things had looked promising . For me to only go back and see they were almost dead . Hanging on by thread . So after a small smoke session and talking to my friend . I came to the conclusion it wasnt worth driving a half hr one way . Thus being 30 mins on the road with plants that may not make it .

    So this brings me to now . I took some HSO Blue dreams 4 in total and got them germing in rockwool cubes . They have just broke the surface . Ill be rocking DWC with Maxibloom as base ,and a few additives.

    Pictures soon . I don't know why but its been one set back after another .I was super excited to get going again after a 2 yrs break .But the way things have started Im having second thoughts. But I don't have quit in me .

    Im also starting to think the LED has a learning curve vs ive always done HID in the past . Notice they don't like the feed ammounts im used to giving . I really had high hopes for Cookies x GG4. I only got 2 left maybe ill come back to them next run or 3rd full run .

    Im not going to waste a lot of time here with veg pics . Maybe a few pictures a week while in veg

    5 x 5 x 8 Area

    2x 200w (DRAW)/ 6500K 3500K COB LED

    Maxibloom (Lucas)
    Monster bloom
    AN Big BUD
    Epsom Salts
    Liquid Kelp
    Thrive alive B1 Red

    I took seeds tossed them in a cup of water that was room temp .Then I took Rockwool cubes and soaked them in PH 5.0 water w/ 2 drops of thrive alive per gallon. Which left me with cubes PH'd around 5.8-6.0 range . 24hrs later after the soak, I tossed seeds straight into the cubes for them to sprout inside the cubes pinched a pinch of rockwool off a corner and covered them.2 days later I had sprouts
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