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Thread: Smoke Report,Minitiger,Bodhi Tree of Life,

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    Default Smoke Report,Minitiger,Bodhi Tree of Life,

    Strain Evaluation Smoke Report
    Bodhi Tree of Life
    Uh, Bodhi
    Sativa Or Indica
    90% Sativa/10% Indica
    Jack Herer mother/Temple (SSH x Williams Wonder) father
    Grown Or Purchased
    I grew this strain myself
    Indoor Grown or Outdoor
    Organics or Synthetics
    Organics 100%
    Hydroponics or Soil
    Bag Appeal
    • 9. It was very nice, looked yummy

    Bud Density
    • 2. Loose but structured

    Odour Level
    10. OMG you need a lead box to keep it in, total roadkill
    Describe odour in your own words
    I had two phenos, #4 and #6. Number 4 took eleven weeks (and I probably shoulda let it go another week or so) and smells very tropical fruit-y. I can't put my finger on it. Mango? Kiwi?Very "sour fruit-ish." Hints of skunk when it's broken up. I was rolling a joint of this last night and my girl (who doesn't really blaze at all) was sitting in another room and yelled,"That shit's STINKY!" haha.

    #6 only took ten weeks. Extremely reminiscent of both of the parent plants. Tons of anise, like Jack, with lots of lemon and lime going on, too, like SSH. Also, pretty noticeable hints of tobacco, as well. Makes me think of a fruity Durban Poison, to be honest. Really good.
    Smoke Report
    SPICY, fruity, tobacco, sour
    Indica Or Sativa high
    Sativa High, Happy, energetic, some body later
    Immediate Effect or Creeper
    10. a few minutes
    Duration of High
    #4 1.5 hours; #6 3 hours
    High Description
    This is a "depends on your mood" kind of high. If all I'm doing is sitting at home, watching tv on the couch or reading or something, it really helps me focus, although I can also easily zone the fuck out, too. Maybe zoning out and focusing are one and the same? Having said that, if I'm out and about, it's really good, social, fun-times weed, too. Blazed some at the ELO concert at the Hollywood Bowl a couple Fridays ago and it was fucking PERFECT for that show. I don't think I'd recommend this for trying to go to bed, but it doesn't make your mind race or anything. It's just, uh..... Gooooooood haha! Very pleasant, very friendly, very smile-y and, depending on the pheno, strong and long-lasting. Pheno #6 was the winner. Pheno #4 is like Tree of Life Lite: same effects, but in a shorter window. Pheno #6 lasts about 3.5 hours including the comedown (no burnout, no need for a nap, which I love) whereas pheno #4, which took a week longer, lasts about half as long. Honestly, I think I should've let pheno #4 go twelve weeks, maybe even a little bit longer.

    As far as medicinal applications are concerned, I suffer from anxiety and depression and this one helps both once you get through the initial twenty minutes of the climb. Munchies? I don't know. It's weird: Sometimes I get hardcore munchies when I blaze this one, other times I get nothing. Maybe I'm just hungry those times when I do get the munchies haha.

    Anyway, the reason I grew this one, besides the fact that it sounded like a bomb-ass hybrid, was because there was literally zero information about this Bodhi cross. I just wanted to get some info out there on this one. It's a really good hybrid, so good that I'm looking for another pack or two of this strain. I still have six seeds left, but I want more.... Haha!!

    Also, sorry for the lack of pics. I have a ton of them, both growing and dried bud shots, but I can't figure out how to upload them here. But just so ya know, both phenos looked very, very Sativa-ish. Think loose buds, a little leafy, not spindly (because that word brings negative connotations to my mind), but definitely not the typical, tight-nugged OG bullshit that's everywhere these days. Which is fucking great for me. That's exactly what I was hoping for with this strain: something different from the usual dispensary fare offered everywhere in SoCal. Don't get me wrong, I love OG's etc, but they're so prevalent in SoCal. I need something good and different. And this is definitely good and different.
    Medicinal value
    Good for anxiety
    Your DOB
    Duration of your cannabis use?
    Shit, man, since you asked, I guess it's been almost thirty years. Thanks for making me feel old haha!
    Cannabis use - Frequency?
    • Daily use - night and day

    Cannabis Use - Quantity
    A joint or two. Or three. Or four.
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