Well although I have been very quiet lately i have been busy working in the background.

I am currently investigating the BlueBerry Blast male selected earlier this year after being very impressed by the potency of a blueberry blast nug i was lucky enough to sample..

I used this male to pollinate Amnesia Haze to create Amnesia Blast which produced amazing quality , heavy, resin encrusted towers of flowers, so lets see how he combines with StarDawg KK.

I have just cloned from the stardawg females of which there are 3

The Mesh around my pots are actually knee high women's stockings, heavy duty, these 2L airpots fit perfectly, there is no way the gnats can reach my media now with plenty of airflow and the mesh also stops any sediment leaving the pots and mucking up your reservoir on recirc systems. I use gnatnix, a dry perlite like substance to stop them accessing the media. almost zero gnats this round.

so, these will be vegged for a few weeks now before being flipped until blast off.. I am happy to report that 2 of the 3 females stink more sour than mom and one smells like a bag of candy....