here are some pictures of clones I took from my last grow(from seed). The jungle Kush is a strong smoke,good for relaxing I have 3 Phenos.1 and 3 are almost the same in smell,high and finshed around 65 days.The other pheno (2) finishes very fast around 50 days and the smell is very strong and pungent.yield is small compared to the other two but quality is out of this world . I keep pheno 1 and 2. The Mandarina smells great,rich/tropical-mango_banana_orange and very strong.There is two phenos Blockhead and long pointed buds.both smell the same and have a wonderful taste and strong high. Great breading from Trichrome jungle seeds !!! easy to grow with little problems.

Jungle Kush (1) day 50

Jungle Kush (2) day 49 (keeper)

Jungle Kush (3)

Mandarina (1) day 53

Mandarina (2) day 53, Blockhead pheno