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Thread: Cree COBs growing Cobra Lips in SIPs

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    Default Cobra Lips in SIPs

    Hi folks, I'm new to the forums - just a happy Crestoner. A couple months ago, I tossed up some new tents and lights and wanted to dial them in with bodhi's awesome freebies! The new setup is 4x4 Apollo Horticulture tents with dimmable Cree CXB3590 3500 COBs @ 1400ma.

    Here's Bodhi's Cobra Lips, since the beginning (3-2-3 COBs setup), flowering in SIPs (4-4-4- COBs setup).

    Day 13 from seed, 1 sprout from the pack didn't make it

    Day 23 right before transplanting to 1gal

    Day 30

    Day 46, transplanted to SIPs in Flower tent (4-4-4 COBs)

    Day 55 vegging from seed

    Day 5 of flower, one SIP was a male in disguise, and one other undistinguished plant still isn't showing, but is looking all muff cabbage!

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