hey everyone trying to get my roll on again .. but have a couple questions has anyone reused rockwool cubes ? pulled flushed and replanted in them?

well just getting ID room running again ran out of fresh medium so i have 4 i need to fill with something!! and i have recycled coco coir take a bit of work good flush steam pastureize ad storeage and cool.. and thought of tearing some cube up so any old root mass isn't blocking any new growth ? what your thoughts

another question as to recycling cube throwing them into my outdoor garden are to help with holdoing more moistue in my sand lot i've been working on reconditiong with compost bin one a year and goat waist from cleaning pen.. but at this rate going to take another 3 -5 years to get the area to rich enviroment! .. but tilling in rockwool cube as a soil conditioner/water absorbtion.