If you don't know what opiates are, they have nothing to do with cannabis, click the back button. If you do and have knowledge and maybe can help, I thank you for even trying.

**PLEASE, PEAOPLE FAMILIAR WITH OPIATES AND THE BODY CHEMISTRY ONLY... I know this is a public thread but it doesn't mean its not personal.. don't talk shit if you don't have a clue what your'e talking about.. sorry to have to say that.. just a lot of new faces..*****

Hey peeps...
So.. Ive personally been off any non-prescibed opiates for almost a decade myself..
Ive been on methadone about 9 years( I have serious wicked spinal injuries, should be dead 5-10 times due to broken neck/spine.. skating, skiing, falling off shit, etc..).. Its once a day and helps my pain and I got over ever wanting to use heavy opiates many years ago.. but I smoke bud and take benzos, just as prescribed though, only klonopin, as I refuse to take xanax, it fucks me up and makes me blackout..

So.. ANyway..


Against all advice, I hookd up with a girl at my methadone clinic, when i just got kicked off pain management after 6.5 yrs for a single first pot test(About 1.5 yrs ago) (I actually knew it was coming, quit a month and still failed, saw the result..).. my doctor(ex) is a piece of shit, he'll surely burn in eternal bonfires of the deepest hottest hell. if you believe in that.. not sure if i do.

My girlfriend had been clean, after a heavy IV heroin problem for almost a decade.. ... I met her a few months after she got clean, been together about 7-8 months, and its been hell, she is already sick in the morning,
She has had peak and troughs done (thats measuring the amount in her blood before dosing and 3 hrs after to see hoes much has metabolized, and next morning, before dosing, to see whats there... and it like she gets sick faster than somebody on the needle.. its strait insane..
I believe first case the DR's at our clinic have seen, and only thing we have been able to do without her using is buy extra methadone for late night or early morning before she's getting sick..

Does anybody know what can help with this.. she was not smoking bud for awhile cuz she was going to court to get her daughter back, but that didnt work out so Im considering growing a high CBD line just for her.. maybe Good Medicine or ACDC x GM.. or something.. Im hoping some pot helps, as the withdrawals has fucked with so much for her.
She was taking extra benzos for awhile which helped but right now its like a constant torturos withdrawal thats horrible for both of us.. for her physically and our relationship.. and I feel horrible even almost getting close to putting her at blame..
Its like blaming somebody for getting cancer.. you can't help it.. you did something or maybe not, thats fucking u in the ass with a glass pinecone and burning gassssssoline, but whatever.. just take the burning cutting blood bleeding pain and mud and fuck.

Anyway.. Im sorry. this is a sensitive topic for me.. and if anyone has heard of this or knows any slight even close to temporary remedy,
Id be ever grateful..
Im looking for a remedy if that wasn't obvious.. all I can think of is high CBD Cannabis atm..
Thank you..