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    Default Gorilla glue clone

    Back in February the girlfriend brought home some clones and Gorilla glue is one of those clones.
    For more information check out

    I know there's something called Gorilla glue #4. Is this it??? I have no idea...

    So I really did not plan on having this plant in veg for as long as I did. It took me longer to get my new flowering room up and going then I thought it would on the 11th I'm going to be getting a second thousand watt light for in there until then the Gorilla Glue is going to be in veg underneath the 400 HPS.
    Until now she's been under the T5 waiting for me to get going.

    I'm standing next to the plant and I'm 6’ 3" to give you an idea of its size.

    I transplanted her to a 15 gallon Smart pot from a 7 gallon. We also caged her.

    After work today I trimmed her open pretty good.

    Looking forward to my own updates.

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