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Thread: Smoke Report,Calicat,Black Triangle F2 (Dirty Room Restock )(TK in full effect),

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    Default Smoke Report,Calicat,Black Triangle F2 (Dirty Room Restock )(TK in full effect),

    Strain Evaluation Smoke Report
    Black Triangle F2 (Dirty Room Restock )(TK in full effect)
    Bodhi Seeds
    Sativa Or Indica
    55% thin leaf ; 45% broad leaf ; hybrid
    Triangle Kush vs 88g13hp... g13(HP vs NL)
    Grown Or Purchased
    I grew this strain myself
    Indoor Grown or Outdoor
    Organics or Synthetics
    Mixture of both
    Hydroponics or Soil
    Bag Appeal
    • 10. It was like a bag of diamonds woo hoo

    Bud Density
    • 4. Quite dense but can be squeezed

    Odour Level
    9. pungent odours, fruity, tarty
    Describe odour in your own words
    vintage Wilson 7 tennis ball fur, rich earthiness, dew on pine, lemon pledge
    Smoke Report
    10. Someone stole my brain!! :-D
    earthy,piney,lemon juice,gasoline,creamy
    Indica Or Sativa high
    Sativa High, Happy, energetic, some body later
    Immediate Effect or Creeper
    1. 5 seconds
    Duration of High
    3 plus hours
    High Description
    Cannaparaphenalia of choice : Water Bong
    Cardinal Trait of expression: Black Triangle Take Me Away

    We all have those arduous days from time to time. Personally when I cannot disperse negative energy for whatever reason at that time. I long to to get literally swept away by a cannabis strain. Triangle Kush seems to never disappoint when you desire an escape to a reality filled with gentle hypnotic clouds, moments of clarity, periods of distraction, and getting lost in your own taste bud reactions.

    The taste is something a versed wine taster could write paragraphs of the entire experience. Personally just after the first inhale and exhale you totally get an appreciation of how the flavors flow in unison. There exists a true harmonious union of robust earthiness with expressions of dewy pine emblazoned with freshly squeezed lemon juice drizzled with white granulated sugar embraced with lingering fumes of gasoline fused together with a glossy creamy finish.

    What occurs synergistically with the amazing taste experience is the hit profile. Damn near instantaneous with unrivalled potency. Ocular areas appear to be bypassed by the thc onslaught. Cheek bones feel benumbed travelling with predictability to a constricting jawline. As the vice grip pressure to the temporal areas occur, the moments of clarity and periods of distraction manifest at the same time in a good taunting fashion. When you feel the sensation of someone palming your head like a basketball your lower body gets a huge wave of relaxation. Your entire lower body feels limber and your desire of moving anywhere commences to wane. The actual high seems neverending because your sense of time and depth perception are drastically affected as if someone placed a paperbag over your head. Your entire mouth and tongue puckers from the constant lemon spraying. There are lapses of your train of thought. No ceiling effect noted so figuratively your high could lead you to the stars. Nose hairs appear to raise in salute on inhales and exhales. I strongly advise refraining from operating equipment that needs your undivided attention. Pick your medication time wisely perferably if you have hours of downtime. If you love your og experience, it is imperative you try this mother cut.
    Medicinal value
    Good for anxiety
    Your DOB
    Duration of your cannabis use?
    20 plus years
    Cannabis use - Frequency?
    • Daily use - night and day

    Cannabis Use - Quantity
    3-5 grams
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