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    Default Florence county, Sativa

    A friend of mine who lives in Florence county Wisconsin has been growing and breeding Cannabis outdoors for 25 years.
    Now this guy isn't your regular run of the mill polen chucker.
    This guy has no idea what for sure he has, but here's what he does.

    A quick little background Florence county Wisconsin is as North in Wisconsin as you can be without being in God's country Da U.P eh.
    So the Outdoor growing season is short. Starts memorial day typically ends beginning of October cuz by Halloween it's snowing.
    So this guy as far as he is concerned has two plants. Indica and Sativa. He starts seeds from both all in one container grows them for 3 weeks in a window. He has no lights or money. So after 3 weeks in the window he says there showing sex. He then makes his selections because he only wants to grow a few plants but he also keeps a couple of the promise looking males.
    He ends up planting them from there into there own containers and then into the ground. The males he leaves in containers so he can move them around for breeding.
    He actually picks a female to go set his male near based only on flowering time. He wants them to finish un-time.
    The seeds he makes he uses he doesn't buy seeds or any of that. The only thing he new for sure was about 5 years ago his buddy gave him so g13 seeds and he breed his indica line with it.
    The seeds the guy doesn't use he eats so he doesn't mind growing seed filled buds.
    So anyway he gave me some Sativa bud says it's the best tasting stuff he ever grew. So naturally those seeds will be his choice for next year.
    He gave me some of the seed Ladin bud to sample and I have to admit it has a sweet bubble gum flavore. The seeds in it are small almost black and oily looking.
    Here's a bud from the Sativa mom full of seeds.

    Some of the little black oily seeds.

    This Tuesday afternoon I started soaking the seeds Wednesday morning I planted them in coco. The coco is a top layer once they grow down a few inches they will be in my mix. Here it is Saturday just 3 days later all 4 cracked and are growing.

    Now I've got so many of these seeds that unless something looks standoutish I won't be cloning any of them just going to run them and see what they do.

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