Strain Evaluation Smoke Report
Frisco Og
Norstar Genetics
Sativa Or Indica
Indica 55%/ Sativa 45%
Hells Angel Og vs Deadhead Og
Grown Or Purchased
I grew this strain myself
Indoor Grown or Outdoor
Organics or Synthetics
Mixture of both
Hydroponics or Soil
Bag Appeal
  • 10. It was like a bag of diamonds woo hoo

Bud Density
  • 5 Very dense, like rocks

Odour Level
10. OMG you need a lead box to keep it in, total roadkill
Describe odour in your own words
Vintage Wilson 7 Tennis Balls, Sweaty Armpits, Small Vermin Roadkill, Intoxicating Kerosene
Smoke Report
Granny Smith Apple, Earthy, Citrusy,Overpowering Kerosene
Indica Or Sativa high
Sativa High, Happy, energetic, some body later
Immediate Effect or Creeper
5. 30 seconds
Duration of High
2 plus hours
High Description
Norstar Genetics newer cats on the canna block for commercial breeding ; however, they exude an unrivalled prim and proper approach to their business model. I was quite impressed when I first opened up a strain box. Compact professional pragmatic packaging of strain in tamper proof bottles with attached strain information and a tester pack for a unique all in one package. Examining their lineup there appears to be some well thought out crosses.

Cannaparaphenalia of choice...water bong
Cardinal trait of expression...The Need to Connect

When you plunge your nose in a curing bottle of these loud flowers the most dominant smell is the intoxicating kerosene. You can literally taste the fuel in your mouth and throat just after smelling these intense flowers.

The nature of the hit profile is uplifting. There is a delayed onset of the high which allows you to fully experience the taste and smells. There is noticeable puckering of cheeks as a result of the devastating tart kerosene aftertaste. Open conical tautness commences at upper cheek bones and travels to your rear naugen. There is a wrapping on your crown leading to exponential numbness. Once your torso feels a gentle breeze sensation that is when the need to connect occurs. Whatever you consciously yearn for has been met the total experience of that attachment is heightened.

If you are shopping for a new breeder then by all means check out Norstar Genetics. Personally cannot wait to go through my wares and eventually add more to my collection.
Medicinal value
Good for anxiety
Your DOB
Duration of your cannabis use?
20 plus years
Cannabis use - Frequency?
  • Daily use - night and day

Cannabis Use - Quantity
3-5 gms