Hy everyone !

A long time. Years.

For those pre-2010 wich played with us and/or started in 2007 with the STK, this is the little story. I've moved my lab three times during this period, each time i increased drastically the capacity and the number of lines pushed.

I quickly stopped to count the number of plants living in my house.

Some of you remember maybe some shots of 50 liters tank filled with thousands of seedlings fighting in, that's a good synthesis of the madness wich stopped only when i've reached the state of what an human is able to drive.

A floor of one of my nursery shelve.

This is a homemade shelve and you can see a single line being selected over three transplant operations. One per floor. Twos floor per shelve. Twos shelves per room. Somes weeks it was like charlie chaplin in modern times. Well, no in fact it was all weeks like that lol

A little tribute to the STK blood.

I remember a day when i've smoked an entire line, cone after cone from the morning to the late night, just to be able to have twos "smoke free" days with my sons and my wife in the beach. And for this you can't ask help because you're the only one wich remember the smoke tests of previous or parralel lines. Just to write it, i find it totally crazy but at this time it was "normal". The initial goal was just to build a nice catalog of funny strains, where no one shared the same P1. And not a big one. The condition of a guy wich launch a dozen of seeds was totaly out of my radar at this point.

It can be arrogant readed like that but i assume the next sentence from the roots to the last pistil : i discovered that i was not made in the same wood that a Scott/Shanti. This guy wich literrally swim in an ocean of specimens in writing the cannabis history, it's an alien.

I reached a point where i needed to stop all brutally, wash my blood and fat in an ascetic way to recover my mind but my love for the plant too. Then return in my comfort zone, wich is the "homebreeding". I prefer this term over the "pollen chunker" one.

Only one strain at a time, writing decent breeding plan in enjoying my favorite smoke with moderation and no industrial pressure in anything, just pleasure. Can sound selfish but it change a lot of things for my hands.

Specimens that i can love/hate individually, time to pass with each one to watch all theyr traits in rediscovering the weed wich maded the grower i am. A more personnal way. I'm sure that some of you understand well what i'm talking about.

It was the conditions when i started the STK#1, planned initially for a long IBL wich never happened. My bad. But at this time i was a little too sensible when i readed the term "pollen chunker", now i'm proud to revendicate to be one because i'm aware of the whole equation. I'm in peace with that choice. And i'm in peace too with the fact that i'm a turtle in this crazy world of cannabis breeding. A turtle quickly bored to see nothing but a german highway when he have a rocket fixed on his back lol

I can't stop to kill seedlings, SOGging seeded clones, searching something strange and wich make my day. But until i get something exactly like i want and that the result is enough homogenous in little samples of a dozen, i will not release anything. And with my old manners to do the things, it take years for what i want the more. But it's my tao finally, i obtain more this way. I searched the grail everywhere in a million plants and i've finded it finally in a lesson learned.

If i'm on the return it's not so to relaunch Avalon, but to help future new "homebreeders". I will try to multiply practical tutorials on it with tons of examples, in this vein. I want to show that it's possible to do the things right in simple conditions. It's also my manners to prevent the outsiders that to become crazy is not necessary an obligation. I let the aliens teach to the advanced ones how to drive a seedbank with a thousand of P1.

I want more to show how to collect a great number of P1 cannabonsai on small veg' spaces, how to organize a decent gangbang without sacrifying anything, how to watch a specimen when you have the time to do it and others little simple things wich are absolutly not theorical. This way, i hope to push somes to start to make theyr own seeds before that the idea to make seeds without an industrial methodology totally disapear from our culture.

I've learned another things along all this adventure : the more we are to make seeds, the better it is for the cannabis we all love. If you want to become the new shanti, to launch a seedbank, to have a med project, to just have fun on Breedbay or simply have fun for yourself and your close friends ... it doesn't matter, that count.

See you around !