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    Default Germination Report,k.b., Jahruba

    Strain Evaluation - Germination Report
    Seed or Clone?
    Grown From Seed
    If Seeds How Many?
    # successfully germinated?
    Pre-Germination Treatment?
    • I pre-soaked my seeds in water

    Germination Method
    • using a heated humidity dome/propagator / jiffy / cellulose cubes

    Germination Method Extra
    just soaked in a glass of slightly warm water over night, then into the prop.
    Time Till Germination Start
    Time Till Germination End?
    Uniformity of Seedlings?
    Very uniform.
    Growth Rate?
    they grew very quickly
    Lighting Used?
    T5s & CFL's
    Lighting Temperature
    Not sure
    Lighting Wattage?
    4x 250 blue cfl & 1 bank of T5s
    Soil / Hydro?
    Great strain so far, really uniform, vigorous and no sign of any sensitivities.
    For such young plants some are already giving off a nice funk.
    Your Rating
    Seed Photo?
    Seedling Photo
    Group Photo?
    Attached Images Attached Images

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