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Thread: Bloom Report, white_whale, Deep Purple Punch (DPP)

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    Default Bloom Report, white_whale, Deep Purple Punch (DPP)

    Strain Evaluation - Bloom Report
    Deep Purple Punch (DPP)
    Age at Bloom Start?
    Nine weeks since germination
    Grow Method?
    Grow Media?
    Dr Earth Pot of Gold Potting Soil
    Pot Size - at start of bloom?
    5 Gal plastic buckets since veg week 5
    Water pH?
    Bloom Feeds Used?
    2-2-2, Cal-Mag +, Potassium Silicate, Molasses
    Bloom Feed pH?
    Minimum Bloom Feed Strength?
    no ec meter, but quarter of manufacturer recommendation
    Maximum Bloom Feed Strength?
    no ec meter, but half of manufacturer recommendation
    Bloom Wattage?
    Bloom Area?
    1.5m x 1.5m x 1.5m
    Day of Sexing?
    sex established one week prior to bloom
    Number of Plants?
    # Of Males?
    # Of Females?
    Height at Bloom Start?
    #1(F) - 53cm; #6(F) - 60cm; #7(M) - 71cm
    Height at Bloom End?
    #1(F) - 81cm; #6(F) - 83cm (note: height growth stopped at Week 5 of bloom)
    Repot During Bloom?
    did not re-pot during during bloom
    Timed Feed or Manual?
    manual; flood and flush weekly
    Strong Odour?
    low odor throughout flowering
    Odour Description?
    sweet citrus berry on a light skunk
    Adverse Conditions?
    • Overwatering

    Adverse Conditions Details?
    drip feed water left on after flushing on day 42 thru day 45
    Day of Flush Start?
    Flushed with light cal-mag and potassium silicate solutions since week 1 of bloom
    Day of Flush End?
    Achieved nutrient deficiency in the soil by week 6
    Total Days Bloom?
    to be determined, expectation is 56 days
    Extra Info?
    DPP = Royal Highness x Double Purple Doja, (unknown breeder)

    Vendor Listed Expectations:
    15 % THC, <0.02% CBD, 40-50 g/plant, 80 - 130 cm height, mostly indica, functional high.

    50% chance DPP's mother is of CBD/THC stock, therefore 50% of DPP perhaps could bear CBD/THC genotypes. First released in early 2014, DPP did not have time for development beyond F1 due that its mother was not marketed until late 2012. Therefore this strain may not be fully tested. An unknown variety, and a polyhybrid capable of many expressions.

    Grow some weed, make some more seeds for myself, harvest the kief, and get high. Test for CBD however and share the results with the world.

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