Bought a 5 pack about a month and a half ago. I started two, one never germed. The one that did was EXTREMELY SLOW....I've never seen a plant so slow in my life. Over a month old and it has 3 leaf sets, and is on its way out. Two weeks after starting the first two things weren't looking good so I started the other 3. One damped off a few days after cracking, one about a week later, and one grew so tall and lanky before the serrated leaves even grew it leaned over and the stem snapped.

Germinated - 4 out of 5
grew past seedling - 1 out of 5
actually grew a legitimate plant - 0 out of 5

I'm really really disappointed with these. I've never had seeds this fresh all die. I grew plenty of other plants in the same propogation res at the same time these were there and none of them had these issues. This is literally the worst luck I've ever had...and these were #2 on my wish list. Talk about severely gutted, eh?

I'm gonna go lick my wounds and mourn the death of all 5 of the seeds I paid for.

Sorry if I come off as being a little douchey about this, but I'm more than a little upset about these results. I know after this I'll never ever buy anything from shanti and learn, I guess.