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Thread: Smoke Report,Jtkrame,Sugar Black Rose(Fem),

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    Default Smoke Report,Jtkrame,Sugar Black Rose(Fem),

    Strain Evaluation Smoke Report
    Sugar Black Rose(Fem)
    Delicious seeds
    Sativa Or Indica
    80% Indica
    Critical + X Black Domina
    Grown Or Purchased
    I grew this strain myself
    Indoor Grown or Outdoor
    Organics or Synthetics
    Organics 100%
    Hydroponics or Soil
    Bag Appeal
    • 8. It was well trimmed, tight, resinous and nice colour

    Bud Density
    • 5 Very dense, like rocks

    Odour Level
    9. pungent odours, fruity, tarty
    Describe odour in your own words
    Very floral sweet and feminine almost perfumey, nose tingling smelliness literally.
    Smoke Report
    Nose tingling sweet floral feminine
    Indica Or Sativa high
    Indica Body but also Heady
    Immediate Effect or Creeper
    1. 5 seconds
    Duration of High
    30-45 mins
    High Description
    This one was a single freebie fem I popped, kinda wish I took cuts. First tried this from my orange label roor after 12 hour day of trimming solo, it actually helped me get some sleep. Tried again when I woke up and initially felt a little dumb or slow? haha, but after a few mins was able to pick my brain up off the floor and be productive. The gf loves this one too she wanted me to add lol.
    Medicinal value
    Good for anxiety
    Your DOB
    Duration of your cannabis use?
    15 years
    Cannabis use - Frequency?
    • Daily use - night and day

    Cannabis Use - Quantity
    Attached Images Attached Images

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