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Thread: Endo cannabinoid system in our body

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    Default Endo cannabinoid system in our body

    Please watch this seven minute video... and see exactly how this sacred HOLY Plant works for our divine bodies. This is so amazing! There is over three hundred plants on earth that has healing properties for our divine bodies. If we cared to look, we can see how truly LOVED we are by our Holy Creator.... There is basically a plant that could cure just about every disease and ailment that the human body can be burdened with. Its just sad that they're not all here anymore. I have a fascinating book that gives all kinds of information out on which plant does what.... Our four kingdoms are here for a higher purpose... mineral, plant, animal and human kingdom.
    Please watch if you have a few moments..

    PLEASE replace the XYZ with the WWW
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    I give you love, in which is contained the sum of all wisdom.

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