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Thread: Smoke Report,Chef c,Mothers milk,

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    Default Smoke Report,Chef c,Mothers milk,

    Strain Evaluation Smoke Report
    Mothers milk
    Bodhi seeds
    Sativa Or Indica
    Shows hybrid
    OG Nepali x Appalachia
    Grown Or Purchased
    I grew this strain myself
    Indoor Grown or Outdoor
    Organics or Synthetics
    Organics 100%
    Hydroponics or Soil
    Bag Appeal
    • 10. It was like a bag of diamonds woo hoo

    Bud Density
    • 4. Quite dense but can be squeezed

    Odour Level
    6. very smelly
    Describe odour in your own words
    In bloom she's like those super tasty lil red maraschino cherries if the juice they were in had some chem essence dissolved into it. Yum!
    Smoke Report
    Candy hearts
    Indica Or Sativa high
    Sativa High, Happy, energetic, some body later
    Immediate Effect or Creeper
    Duration of High
    A few hours
    High Description
    God I love this strain. It really does taste like candy hearts. Too bad my lady keeps all the nugs on lock for her and her friends. I never get any! It makes them giggle like they are getting high for the first time. When I can smoke it, I get a not uncomfortable sativa high (but I like those too!!) for an a hour or so followed by a just relaxed state of mind for the duration of the high. All smiles.
    Medicinal value
    Good for nausea
    Your DOB
    Duration of your cannabis use?
    Cannabis use - Frequency?
    • Daily use - evenings
    • Daily use - night and day

    Cannabis Use - Quantity
    Week nights and all day everyday on the weekend!!!
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