Well I had some buds that were getting slighty older and were losing potency but still would ring your bell. The problem was the dried buds didn't taste as good as they once had. So I thought what the hell I have some things laying around, how about I make some Thai Sticks.

Ok so first you need some weed. In this case I had some Vietnam Black x Thai, some Golden Tiger (Malawi Gold x Thai) and Oaxacan, and last but not least Santa Cruz Jedi which I think is a Haze derivative. Its better then BCO Black Haze IMO and grows larger and fuller then any of the Black Hazes I've grown.

Ok after the weed you need something like a stem from a cannabis plant, this works really well or in my case I used a bamboo skewer.

You also need something to bind the buds to the stick and I decided to use hemp string which you can pick up all over the place.

Its better to do this when the buds are fresh from the plant and they're bound and let to dry but in this case I had to work with what I had.

So I gathered the dried flowers with my friend Drawoh who I asked, he you want to make some Thai Sticks? I got the obvious reply.

So after binding the sticks, placing a bud then wrapping the hemp string around it slowly going from one side to the other. I decided I wanted to use all the different types of weed so you never know what your smoking.

After wrapping the sticks. I decided to take it up a notch and I heated up butane concentrate that had bubbled out any remaining butane ahead of time. It was nice and crystalline and was heated using a butane torch till the concentrate was oily and viscous.

The wrapped stick is sprinkled with concentrate, not kief but concentrate from butane extraction for a really potent cannabis product. Its turned over and over making sure to fill in the cracks in the buds with the dried concentrate.

Then I rolled the sticks in the oil concentrate and place the dipped or rolled stick on parchment paper and the coated the stick rolled stick with another concentrate that was dried and I sprinkled the stick with the concentrate until totally covered.

The last thing was to wrap each stick in the parchment paper so that the concentrate would slowly soak into the buds on the sticks. Place the wrapped sticks in a warm place for a few days and there you have some Thai'd Sticks

Dried flowers (Vietnam Black x Thai, Malawi Gold x Thai, Oaxacan and Santa Cruz Jedi)

Bamboo stick with hemp twine

Dried buds nicely tied to stick

Thai'd Stick sprinkled and covered with butane extraction that had been bubbled out and dried