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    Default Multiple Strain Gooey Goodness Grow

    From seed about 8-10 each
    Kona Sunset
    Purple Mayhem
    Kasmiri Resin Factory x Purple Empress
    Zinn x Dark Desire x Zinn x Gooey (labeled Merlot, i'm a lazy tag writer)
    from clone
    Dark Cross x Pineapple Gooey
    Pineapple Thai X Pure Gooey

    All of the seedlings were vegged for about 2 months, cloned, and sexed. All the males were ran together and a couple were chosen for later review/test crosses. All of the ladies were transplanted into 5 & 7 gallon smart pots with strait Fox Farms Happy Frog potting soil (no super soil), I will feed them minimum nutes & additives. I like to see how well they do with little help. The Clones will be treated in the same manner. All plants were allowed to veg for a week before being placed in a 5 x 9 room with 4 600w lights under 12/12 flowering cycle.

    All of the plants are about 2 weeks into flower 1 purple mayhem was tossing out a few nanners so that was removed along with its clone(had a very sativa look sorry no pictures). the rest of the girls are looking strong.

    The pictures are in the above order with a purple mayhem male at the end. I have some more pictures to post, and will be updating frequently with more pictures and finishing with a nice smoke report for each plant. As the girls mature a little more I will take more pictures each plant so you can see how they compare. Stay tuned more to come in a few days.

    I must thank Gooey for all the great genetics and the generosity he has given me!
    Thanks Again
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Make Peace and Smoke


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