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    Thread: [Grow Report] ISP's "Chem D bx3" finished

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      Post [Grow Report] ISP's "Chem D bx3" finished

      This is my grow thread for ISP's "Chem D bx3"
      The lineage on this is: a Chem '91 cut was hit with an Afghani, and IBL'd
      Then after they got where they wanted to with that project, they hit the Chem D clone
      with a male of it, and backcrossed it 3 times. It is definitely Chem D dominant, and very stable, but there are hints in the smell/flavor and structure that are still slightly passed from the (Chem '91 x Afghani)

      This strain came out great in all ways. It didn't take up a lot of space, it yielded as good as the best of any of the plants, and didnt even get optimal light as others, it has great smell, although not crazy pungent, very nice, and tasty, and also loaded with copiuos amounts of trichs. When taking pics, it was hard not to light the bud up completely white from the flash, i had to cover it partially(the flash) so I got the right amount. I aplogizie in advance for ny bluriness, Some its the phot, as its a point and shoot camera, and also it has a scratch on the lense, which usually leaves a blur in the middle of many pics, as you will notice.

      I popped 3 beans, and got 2 females. They are both very nice. Both very similar and uniform in structure, and all-around hearty plants. Pheno#1 is a little frostier, earlier, nd just amazing looking, and the other is similar but has bigger longer colas that have not as much bracnhing below just mainly the arms, and the leaves got crispy late in flowering, some of the fans that it, but then they turned bright purples and blues in some spots to, but tha was at like 11 wks, and its still up now at 12+ wks, it finished like a week ago, its just been real hard to keep up on trimming. Both are really dank looking, and #1 is a def keeper, and sokes great already before a cure even. Def has a nice chem smell, slight sour skunk, but its not super strong, nice though. just covered in trichs.

      These were grown almost totally organically, with a couple additives with small amounts of salts in them, but small amounts, only twice in the middle of flowering, and are used up and flushed out well.
      They were grown in Happy Frog soil amended with perlite, and castings in veg, and spiked with azomite at about a month and a half in. They were in 16oz cups for about almost a month, and then in a 1-gal bag for a little over a month, then transplanted into 3-gals of the flowering mix about 2 weeks before flowering was induced, about 3 months in.

      Flowering mix: FoxFarm's Happy Frog & Ocean Forest soild @ 2:1 ratio, EWC, perlite, Indonesian guano, leonardite, pyrophylitic clay, powdered beneficials (GH Sub-Culture m&b), granular myco fungi, azomite, and calcium carbonate.
      Also was given teas I think 2 or 3 times through flowering. Once 2 weeks into flower or after transplant or both, and another half way through, somethimes another on smaller plants. Also, at least once in every stage in veg.

      Nurtients: base nutes- AN's Iguana Juice Grow (3-1-3) and Bloom (4-3-6) & Hygrozyme
      *also given EWC based teas w/ added beneficials periodically, with added biostimulants.

      Grown with CO2, but no system, just blasted in the room, let go for a period, opened and cooled, and repeat. Thats how we've done it for years.

      These were initiated into flowering on the night of Oct 27th, into 12.5 hrs dark, 11.5 on.
      October 28th was Day 1 of Flowering.

      Okay, so I already did a 4-wk update of these, so Im gonna post a link of that, so you can see them progress, then Ill post the finished pics here. theres not a whole lot of change in between the few weeks where I didnt take pics, but you'll see.

      So, the plant in veg, and up to 4 wks of flowering:Chem D bx3 @ and up to day 46 ... check this out first or after, but this way, you can see the progression of the plant.

      These pics I post today, will be of the #1 keeper pheno, I didn't take down the #3 pheno yet, I know Im bad, 12+ wks, lol, but it did need 10+ for that pheno, although we took #1 at 10+ wks and it could of came down at 8, but came out great. You really dint see much change in that time... just a slight increse in weight, and finishing colpetely of the lowers, but they finish good on this strain and produce nice hard dense lower small buds, instead of airy popcorn buds. I liked that, it really helped yield.aving these dialed in and vegged well, or grown OD, these would be massive yielders of super-dank. Great strain. I plan on getting more, eventhough I still have some. Great deal for well-worked Chem genetics.

      So, again, these pics will just be of pheno #1...

      Again, day 1 of flowering was 10/28/12, these were taken on 1/10/13.

      full frontal



      topview - bird's eye

      closeup top

      cola shot1

      cola shot2

      sideview of top bud

      closeup of tip

      closeup of tip of cola

      cola top

      cola top2

      lower budshot closeup zoomed in

      topbud sideshot

      Well, I hope you all liked these, I did. This was a great plant to grow, and yielded a goood amount of strait headiez, im psyched about this strain, I might keep it all, its gonna be hard to part with any. Its really good.
      I highly reccomend this strain to anyone that it sounds good to, as it is exactly or better than you would expect, as chem genetics arent the easiect to properly work. These ones are. oh yeah, heh.

      Well, thats it, there will be smoke report coming soon, im gonna let it cure a sight bit longer and I still need to take dry pics, so when I get that taken care of, Ill def be doing a smoke report. But, as a preview... Great smoke, potent, smells and tastes lie chem D, slightly afghani/kush-like undertones, and sour and sweet skunk undertones also. Mainly the Chem Sell is what is smells like. Not as fruity of the Chem D terpenes came through, so pungency is maybe 3/5 - 3.5/5 but smell and taste are great the same, and smell transfers to taste well. I love this stuff. It will definitely be kept around for awhile.

      So thats it for "Chem D bx3 #1", I will post pics of the remaining pheno(#3), when I get a chance and find them, as i dont know where I saved them, and looks like they may have been deleted. But its similar to this one, just slightly leafier, slightly talller, and longer solid colas, with slight less side branching, they pretty much just make solid colas up the entire arms.
      Again, there will be a smoke report up for this asap, and a seperate one for the other pheno.

      Question to everyone: When reading smoke reports, would you rather have 1 smoke report on 3 or more phenos combined, or seperate reports? I was thinkin spereate, especially when the phenos are different. I dunno, you guys let me know what you think.

      Hope you like it.
      Last edited by Half-step; 28th January 2013 at 07:20 AM.
      Running: All OD's TLO:
      Salmon River OG, Super Silver Yo Mama, Lovin' Cup, Surf Dragon, both un-named but proven male and mothers: (ChemD/SSH x Goji OG), (Qush or 321 Kush x Goji OG), Chem 91 bx2, Queen of Hearts, Purple Mayhem, Honey Badger Haze, Killer Rose, Black Dog, un-named as of yet: {(Gooey mom x Dark Cross) x [(Kalishnapple x Pure Gooey) x Kona Sunset]}, High Volatge, Golden Child, ..multiple SSYM hybrids.

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