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Black Maui x Acapulco Gold x C99

Black Maui starting to flower

Black Maui macro

Black Maui Colas

Black Maui macro

Black Maui indoors

Parental Information

The Golden Lei, is a hybrid combination of SnowHigh Black Maui a mostly Maui Wowie hybrid using a circa 76 Maui Wowie crossed to a KOS strain called Black Forrest. Black Forrest is Hawaiian Cherry Bomb (Maui Wowie x Hawaiian sativas x Cherry AK-47) x Vietnam Black jungle cultivar from KOS. The Black Maui hybrid is fast to flower and finish for a sativa dominant strain. The flavors are tropical and sweet, aroma and taste both transfer over nicely to the smoke. Resin production is extremely high indoors and outdoors. Yields are heavy for a sativa dominant strain with lots of side branching of spear shaped colitas. The high can be intense and strong, with a trippy~happy quality, a real day brightener. This is old school Hawaiian for those seeking that island vibe high.

The addition of the Acapulco Gold x C99 will add extreme sativa phenos and electric high types that will amaze and put smiles on the faces of those who partake in her lovely flowers.
Indica/Sativa %
20% Indica / 80% Sativa
Feminized Seeds?
Indoor / Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Greenhouse

Bloom Length:
10-12 weeks flowering, some phenos may go longer
# of Phenotypes?
Describe each phenotype expression:
Resin Profile:
Copious Resin
Odour Score:
Odour Description:
Sweet tropical fruit
Flavor Score:
Flavor Description:
Honey suckle and tropical fruit
Potency Score:
High Type: Electric, soaring up and trippy with perma-grin old school qualities.

October/November outdoor harvest window

Untested, only germ tested. Limited release until full grows are completed. Get these while you can, extremely limited. Awesome genetics. Black Maui (clone only for now) breed by SnowHigh seeds, amazing indoors and outdoors. Acapulco Gold x C99 male has been brilliant in all crosses and has been well tested.

BLACK MAUI TEST RESULTS BY STEEPHILL LABS AT HIGH TIMES CANNABIS CUP LOS ANGELES 2012 (Both Gas and Liquid Chromatagraph tested, with liquid chromatograph being the most accurate)

I want to add the sample given was 2 years old and would have tested higher if not for the degradation due to age.

Medical Cannabis
Certificate of Analysis

Test Location
SHL HT Cup LA 2012
Strain Name
Black Maui
Date Scanned
2/12/12 5:23 PM

Sample ID
Sample Type

Date Reported
2/12/12 5:23 PM

Approx. mg/g
Gas Chromatography Model
*Post decarboxylate cannabinoid content.
10.32 %
103.24 mg/g

< 2%
Approx. mg/g

SHL HT Cup LA 2012
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Liquid Chromatography Model
*Acidic and other cannabinoid analysis.
Approx. mg/g
143.10 mg/g



Approx. mg/g
38.73 mg/g

Max Theoretical THC


Interpreting your results
Both the gas chromatograph(GC) and the liquid chromatograph(LC) are instruments used to separate compounds from mixtures of compounds. Both can be used for cannabinoid analysis, but in this case they are making different measurements. A gas chromatograph uses a significant amount of heat to separate compounds, while a liquid chromatograph relies more heavily on polarity. In the case of cannabis testing, this results in significantly different looking results, although if the analysis was done properly the corresponding sets of data will be reconcilable with each other. The reason for this has to do with the structure of the acidic cannabinoids and how they behave in the presence of heat.

SHL HT Cup LA 2012
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