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Thread: How To Buy A Portable BHO "Vaporizer Pen" For Under $50

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    Over the past few weeks I've been experimenting with hash oil "pen" style vaporizers. The market right now is rather overpriced when they advertise & target our group. I've done a massive amount of research because it is really confusing in the current stage that everything is at. if you aren't somewhat familiar with electricity, things can seem a bit confusing. Basically what they are doing is selling you an electronic cigarette minimally modified to accept thicker liquid or “oil”. I've collected and compiled some information for you below. By the end of this post You should have the knowledge to purchase a complete “oil pen” vaporizer for under $35 (another $7- $11 for a wall charger).

    Some Quotes I’ve Borrowed From & I’m not affiliated with those, or any of the sites linked within this post. I simply found the writing very useful & am listing my references.

    Bare Bones Shopping List

    The Battery Options
    Price: $25.99 - Joye eGo-C Twist Variable Voltage 1000mAh Battery or
    Price: $23.45 - Joye eGo-C Battery Upgrade (Passthrough 900mAh)
    Atomizing Options
    ***PLEASE NOTE***
    I will be covering Low Resistant Atomizers in this thread because I've bought and tested with them (not to mention all the pics include them); but I DO NOT LIKE THEM!!! Buy the Kanger 510 Cartomizers. You don't have to completely fill them to use them and they last longer than the LR atomizers because the coil doesn't get as hot over time. If more vapor is the issue, variable voltage allows you to turn it up to your desired level versus LR's uncontrolable characteristic. A
    s long as the wick in the bottom of the cartomizer is wet (0.1g of oil) they should be good to vape.As a side note, each 1.5" Kanger Cartomizer weighs 4.0 grams, so it's rather easy to tell how much is loaded in there. - Shout out to TheDukeOfErrl on for linking back to this thread.

    Price: $4.69 Bulk, $6.99 Individual - Joye LR 510 Atomizer
    (Holds 0.3g) or

    Price: $6.99 - 5 Pack- 1.5" Kanger 510 Cartomizers...(Holds 0.7g) (You only need an atomizer or a cartomizer & a backup supply of your favorite)
    Mouth Piece
    Price: $2.99 - $3.50 each -
    Drip Tip

    Decorative Option - Joye eGo cone - Price: $3.95

    Battery Chargers
    Joye eGo Rapid USB Charger - Required For the eGo Series BatteryEXCLUDING PASS-THRU - Price: $6.75
    - USB Wall Adapter - Price: $4.99

    Optional - USB CAR Plug 5V 2000mAh [Pass-Thru Ready] Price: $9.95

    Q:What Does That Crap Do & How Do I Vape Oil With It?
    A: Vaporizers are Electronic Cigarettes!!!
    KEEP Reading...

    How Do These Work?
    The various parts of the e-Cigarette:

    Inside the "battery" is a small circuit board at the tip with two LEDs, a lithium-ion battery, a small microchip and a very tiny mechanical switch which is turned on when you draw on the mouthpiece. The LEDs indicate to you if it is activating or if the battery needs recharged. They will also flash if your drag is longer than 10 seconds. This lets you know it has cut power to the atomizer and you must wait a few seconds before taking another drag. A long rapid flash means the battery needs recharged.

    The Atomizer is really the business "end" of the vaporizer. It basically has a very small heating coil inside. Just above that coil is a metal wick "bridge". The height of this bridge varies among manufacturers and models. Our bridges extend further into the cartridge than most others and we believe this provides better wicking of the liquid from the cartridge to the atomizer. We also think it utilizes more of the liquid in the cartridge so none is wasted.

    The cartridge consists of a mouthpiece, a small cup (the white part in the photo above) filled with polyester wick and in the case of a pre-filled cartridge, liquid. The atomizer bridge contacts the wick and draws liquid near the atomizer to be heated by the coil. This is what produces the vapor you see when you puff on the vaporizer.

    All e-Cigarettes are basically all built on the same concept as shown. We have found that smoking it somewhat like a cigar with a couple of "primer" drags (to warm up the atomizer) ,and then a long slow draw and inhale provides the best results.

    One thing to keep in mind when shopping for a e-Cigarette is typically the smaller they get, the shorter the battery and cartridge life becomes. The really tiny cigarette looking models sometimes do perform pretty good but they just don't have the battery and cartridge life that the larger models do. The first e-Cigarette I ever purchased was from the mall, you know the gold and black box, and I wanted that style no ifs ands or buts about it. However I quickly found myself wanting to upgrade for better performance and battery life. That was a $125 lesson learned quick.

    Atomizers & Cartomizer's, What's The Difference?!?

    Atomizer (left) Cart-omizer (Right)

    For the atomizer(Left) simply remove the mouthpiece from the body to load. For the cart-omizer (Right) The white rubber end cap will need to be removed before you can fill it. Cart-omizers do not come with a mouth piece, so one will need to be purchased.

    Atomizer heating element (Left) Interior of a Kanger Standard 2.8 ohm Cart-omizer (Right)

    The heating element serves to vaporize the liquid in the mouthpiece so that it can be inhaled. This component is referred to in the industry as an "atomizer". Atomizers require the use of cartridges or drip tips (available for some models). Cartridges are sold separately. Atomizers last 2-4 weeks (on average) and replacements are one of the recurring expenses associated with electronic cigarettes.
    For the Joyetech510 atomizer's, they come with a mouth-piece; both regular and low resistance.

    Interior of a Kanger Standard Cart-omizer after Poly-fill is removed to allow more viscous oils to be used. I'm told these are the same as the Omichron Cart-omizers.

    Cartomizers are disposable cartridges with atomizers built into them. The idea is that there is a brand new atomizer in each cartomizer giving you maximum vapor production.
    Cart-omizers fresh out of the box come filled with polyfill to help absorbs and wick the thinner e-cigarette juice to the heating element. DON’T LET THAT CONFUSE YOU!!! Simply pull the poly-fill out & you have a cart-omizer ready to be filled with that thick BHO. BRAND MATTERS, BUY KANGER!!! More on that later. From my experience, Cart-omizers will hold more than an atomizer. An atomizer is good to store about 0.1 - 0.3G while a cart-omizer is good for about 0.5 - 0.7G. I like the little atomizers because i usually only have 1g - 2g on hand, rarely will I have 5+ grams kickin around.

    What’s The Deal With Low Resistance (LR) Atomizers & High Voltage (HV) Atomizers
    Low Resistance (LR) Atomizer 1.7Ω/ohm (+/-0.5 ohms): LR atomizers have a lower resistance than standard atomizers. This means that they run hotter and create more vapor than standard atomizers. The drawback to LR atomizer is that they drain the battery quicker and tend to have a shorter lifespan. They are meant for use with standard 3.0V-4.2V batteries. We do not recommend using them with a high voltage (6V-7.4V) setup; this will shorten the lifespan of the LR atomizer significantly.
    High Voltage (HV) Atomizers 4.8Ω/ohm (+/-0.5 ohms): HV atomizers have a higher resistance than standard atomizers. They are made for use with devices using two - 3.0V/3.7V lithium cells in a series (stacking) for 6V output. HV atomizers produce little to no vapor when used with standard 3.0V-4.2V batteries.

    Tank (Left), Cartridge(Middle), and Drip Tip (Right)

    This is a bit confusing, but overall they all mean "mouth piece" but only 2 are better suited for this thread. Some new models use a tank cartridge that drips liquid directly onto the atomizer to create the vapor & more true flavor. for BHO; the tanks are no good because our oil is too thick.

    An older style "cartridge" is a mouthpiece full of polyfill. The e-cigarette juice is applied and it goes directly over the atomizer tip to create vapor. Simply remove that poly-fill if that is the style you choose to go with. With any cartridge and BHO use, I’ve had to cut them shorter so they weren’t dipping into the oil while placed in the cart-omizer or atomizer. Another thing I would like to point out is that the "cartridge" style mouth pieces don’t fit snug 100% of the time so a little outward bending will fix it.

    Round tip, flat tip…. That’s really personal preference.

    A drip tip is a hollow round mouth piece. I personally prefer the drip tip because the air flow is greater & they fit snug with an o-ring seal.

    An alternative to using cartridges is the direct dripping method using drip tips. By removing the absorbent material, one is able to simply remove the plastic mouthpiece and drip several drops of e-liquid directly onto the atomizer bridge. To further ease dripping, manufacturers have created specialty mouthpieces made of stainless steel or plastic that are intended just for dripping and do not require removal each time you drip (drip-tips).

    Drip Tips attach to an atomizer replacing the cartridge. The center is hollow allowing you to drip liquid directly into the atomizer without taking off the drip tip.

    Battery Power
    Borrowed from - Battery Specialsits - Milliamp Hour Explained
    Milliamp Hour (mAh)
    Milliamps Hour (mAh) is important because it's the easiest way to distinguish the strength or capacity of a battery. The higher the mAh, the longer the battery will last. Batteries with different mAh ratings are interchangeable. If your battery is rechargeable then the mAh rating is how long the battery will last per charge.
    Milliamps Hour is 1/1000th of a Amp Hour, so a 1000mAh = 1.0Ah
    Think of a cars gas tank. Voltage is how much gas is being used, and mAh is the size of the gas tank. The bigger the gas tank (mAh) rating the longer the device will run. If your battery is rechargeable, then think of the gas tank as refillable (rechargeable).

    The standard e-cig battery is low voltage or 3.0v - 4.2v. High Voltage is rated @6V or greater… I’m not really familiar with those yet as I have just started learning this stuff & only experimenting with the lower voltage.

    Another Definition, Borrowed From - Phone Scoop
    Milliamp Hours.

    A unit for measuring electric power over time. mAh is commonly used to describe the total amount of energy a battery can store at one time.

    A higher mAh rating means the (fully-charged) battery can power a device that consumes more power and/or for a longer amount of time before becoming depleted and needing to be re-charged. For example, a battery rated at 1500 mAh can power a device drawing 100 milliamps for 15 hours, or a device drawing 150 milliamps for 10 hours.

    My Favorite Battery, Atomizer/Cartomizer, & Mouth-Piece Combo

    I like the - Joye eGo-C Twist Variable Voltage 1000mAh as my main battery & the
    Joye eGo-C Upgrade Passthrough 900mAh as a backup.

    I have the
    Joye eGo-C Twist Variable Voltage 1000mAh because it has 9 voltage settings. "The eGo-C Twist has a dial located at the base of the battery. This dial allows you to set the voltage output of the battery from 3.2V~4.8V in increments of 0.2V." basically this makes it like an old school volcano vaporizer; having only numbered setting 1-9 versus digital temp read-out. I like starting this unit out on a higher voltage to warm up the tank of oil & then turn the vape down to 3.4V-3.6V to actually taste it. One thing i didn't expect was the adjustment to be a smooth dial. For some reason i expected each setting to click into place, but i guess this allows for more control.

    I like the lower temps & always have; they produce better flavors but less vapor. the higher the temp, the more vapor is produced but less flavor comes threw in the vapor. Trial and error is the only way to know your personal preference.
    Another thing i noticed was the length on these are considerably longer than the previous models. all of my batteries are 1000 mAh with the exception of the pass-thru which is 900. They are all very close in power capacity but their slight function differences cause them to vary in length. Below you see that in order to charge this model... the charger screws into the same place the cart-omizer's and atomizers.

    eGo Tank (Left), eGo Twist (Middle), eGo C - Pass-thru (Right)

    I like the Joye eGo-C Upgrade Passthrough 900mAh because it has 2 voltage settings 3.3V & 4.2V (Basically Hi & Low) and you can use it as it charges (i'm pretty sure that's what "pass-thru" means). The 4.2V function offers a quick heat up time, but only good for single rips from cold start (Cold start being 2-5 minutes after discontinued use). Switching between low and high is done in the off mode which involves pressing the power button 5 times in 2 seconds, holding the button down for 5 seconds while off, then press 5 times in 2 seconds to turn it back on in the opposite voltage. As you can see this takes a bit of time to execute, so the variable voltage battery is my favorite for quick heating. The "high"setting produces more vapor and does it quicker, but after 2 hits the vapor is so hot that sometimes kills the flavor of the oil. 90% of the time I stay with the Low Setting. 1 thing i really like about this battery is that it will let you know when the battery power is low by turning the led light from white to blue when using. The other batteries in the eGo series seem to just flash when they are in need of recharge with no warnings. That can be a bummer if you don't have a back up battery or the pass-thru option

    Originally I bought a
    Joye eGo XXL 1000mAh Mega Battery. Great Battery & lasts a long time, but only runs on low setting (still a great battery that i take for back up, back up lol). The eGo series batteries charge by screwing the head into the charger (with the exception of the pass-thru unit). Pass-thru units usually charge threw the pass-thru usb cable in the bottom... I haven't attempted charging the pass-thru with the eGo Rapid Charger threw the top. The pass-thru cable came with the battery, so that is how i've been charging. Pass-thru batteries require a pass-threw compatible wall or car charger to use it while the unit charges.(Output: 5V - 2000mA)


    Another battery I like is the Joye eGo-C Twist Variable Voltage 1000mAh Battery. It goes from 3.2 – 4.8 volts with the twist knob on bottom. It’s not a pass-thru, so you can’t use it while charging, but it’s a long lasting; variable volt battery. 1 thing i really like about this battery is you can take a quick rip @ 4+Volts to warm the unit up, & u can instantly switch it back down to mid 3V range for better flavors. The adjustable voltage is basically a temperature control knob.... just think of it as heat setting 1 - 9.

    Joyetech Low Resistance (LR) Atomizer - (10Pack Discount)
    This atomizer is the easiest to load IMO. With a Low resistance of 1.7 ohms & a total length of 1 & 1/8". The atomizer has super fast heat up time (from cold start) 5-10 seconds. No tube to work around but only holds 0.3G. on the flip side, you can just as easily reload it.

    Inside - notice, no tubes to avoid clogging.

    The Kanger 510 Cartomizers are perfect for long day trips.

    Standard Size - approx. 1.5" long
    XL Size - approx. 2.2" long
    "Horizontal Coil"Standard Resistance 2.8 ohm +/-0.2

    stiff centered breather tube makes it rather easy to load compared to other brands, and no wires kicking about. The heating element is centered in the bottom directly under the tube. The inside tube is a nice firm wall so it will stay still while loading instead of flopping all over. These fit about .7 These are standard resistance 2.0- and work well with the 3.3-4.2V settings.

    TIP: a toothpick placed inside the tube before attempting to load oil into the tube will prevent BHO from running down the tube.

    Kanger on Left, Junk Boge on the Right - The poly-fill interior easily comes out of the Kanger cart-omizer while the Boge requires some spinning and unraveling to remove. Overall the Boge is NOT a good cart-omizer for our purpose.

    Boge Cartomizer
    both brands have the atomizer in the bottom , but the boge has this additional wire that run up the length of the tube. Boge has soft floppy tube, did not survive reloading because the tube was too brittle by the end of the first load. The tube burned up and cracked off at the base, rendering it useless. I don’t support that brand

    Kanger Cartomizer

    Drip Tip
    Simply better air flow than a "cartridge". Good seal, I love the O-Ring for added security which makes the tip harder to come off (unlike the cartridges).

    Joye eGo Cone
    - Cleans up the looks of the vape but is not required for it to function.

    take a loaded atomizer or cart-omizer and insert a drip tip

    Screw it onto the battery

    Slide the cone over the tip & atomizer & screw it down.

    Breathing Adjustment
    there is a certain way to puff on these things… normally we are use to pulling harder and getting more smoke... This is the exact opposite. These and many other vapor units require long slow drags to get massive clouds to come out. Puffing on it hard will work to some extent, but usually ends up cooling the heating element to quickly & your oil doesn't heat up enough... slow and steady is the way IMO. I like to think of it like puffing on a blunt.

    Taking Bigger Hits
    There is a 10 second shut off on these incase it accidentally gets turned on in your pocket & you don't have the unit locked. To take a longer hit simply let go & re-press the button when the light starts flashing. This will reset the 10 second shut off and you can keep the element & oil nice & warm for a great big hit.

    Back To The Shopping List... hopefully by this point in the thread, you should know what these parts are.

    Price: $23.45 - Joye eGo-C Battery Upgrade (Passthrough 900mAh) or
    Price: $25.99 - Joye eGo-C Twist Variable Voltage 1000mAh Battery
    Price: $4.69 Bulk, $6.99 Individual - Joye LR 510 Atomizer
    (Holds 0.3g) or

    Price: $6.99 - 5 Pack- Kanger Cartomizers...(Holds 0.7g) (You only need an atomizer or a cartomizer, but I like to keep back up's of both)
    Price: $2.99 - $3.50 each -
    Drip Tip
    Joye eGo Rapid USB Charger - Required For the eGo Series Battery EXCLUDING PASS-THRU - Price: $6.75
    Optional- USB Wall Adapter - Price: $4.99
    Optional Decorative Cone Makes It Look More Like A Pen - Joye eGo cone - Price: $3.95
    Optional - USB CAR Plug 5V 2000mAh [Pass-Thru Ready] Price: $9.95

    Before Loading A Cartomizer... Please Read Page 3 of This or follow the steps below!

    Oxidizing A Cartomizer
    #1 - Attach the empty cartomizer to the battery
    3.7v battery: use 1.5, 2.4 or 3.0 Ω (Ohm) cartridge
    7.4v battery: use 4.0 or 5.0 Ω (Ohm) cartridge

    #2 - Hold the on/off button for five seconds then release.
    During this step, look down the center air tube to ensure element
    is glowing red at the bottom of air tube ensuring cartridge is good.
    (You never want to load a burned out cartomizer ...THEY DO COME DEAD FROM THE FACTORY [D.O.A.] SO CHECK THEM FIRST! i can only imagine what a pain it would be to have a fully loaded cartomizer that ya can't use. Salvaging the oil doesn't sound fun either.)

    #3 - Gently blow into cartridge top, allow cooling down for ten seconds.

    #4 - Repeat steps 2 and 3 for a minimum of 5 cycles or until the moisture
    is depleted.

    I'm not sure what this smoke is, but it definitely comes from the manufacturing process & i suspect it's some sort of oil on the parts. If you do not burn this off... your first 5-10 drags are going to taste like burnt paper and battery acid.

    Good Luck and I'm hear to answer questions if I can.

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