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    Default Return of Purple Afghan

    Not sure what the end result of this will be, just wondered if anyone was interested.

    I've found the remaining pure Pure Afghan seed, there are four batches from the original reproduction I did using four different females (hence four batches) and one male.

    There are also four batches from the second reproduction using two males and two females.

    I'm also looking into some Purple Afghan hybrids, I still have a handful of the original Purple Afghan x Thai and Purple Afghan x Ghanaian seeds I made using a male that was proven to be truebreeding for the deep purple colouration. There are also a very few Purple Afghan x Egyptian Cush Hashplant seeds left.

    I also have several hybrids made much more recently using another male that was the son of the first generation male that was truebreeding for the purple and female #4 from the original generation, the huge yielding bright purple one. I crossed this second generation male to several plants, Colombian Gold in pure form and a couple of Colombian Gold x landrace indica hybrids.

    I have a decent quantity of the Purple Afghan x Colombian Gold and just set a small number of seed plants into flowering, but it's untested, but I know both parents well and am confident I know how this cross will pan out, so if anyone's interested I can send some in to breedbay.

    Pictures are the Purple Afghan #4 female to jog folk's memories of what the PA is all about

    Attached Images Attached Images
    Being ‘stoned' is not my goal. Being ‘high' or ‘enhanced' is. Simply, I am not into the ‘stupification' aspects of herb. I like herb that opens me up, that brightens my day, that makes me think and feel in a more positive way. I am also into the herb that motivates and stimulates creativity. - DJ Short

    Amen DJ, this is exactly what I too am looking for!

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