Hey y'all,

Just wanted to share some pics of Sinclair's/Ceres' Amsterdam Skunk and Ceres' White Indica that we got as freebies a while back. We stuck them in Hempy buckets for our first attempt at that method. It's been an interesting comparison to growing organic with super soil and teas. I thought we were sold on going organic until last night. MUCH pain and realization that organic is a LOT of work compared to these hempy's, heh heh. More work and research to be done. Maybe I'm just frustrated. Ya know how it is when you're hurting.

Might anyone have any data on a specific comparison of outcomes of cannabinoid profiles of synthetic vs. organic production methods? Something like a clone vs. clone comparison to see how the actual end product compares in the lab?

I know there's a world of difference as far as smells goes so far (organic wins hands down) BUT the buds on the synthetics are much more dense, rock hard in fact, and if at the end of the day the final product medicates as well, or even almost as well, it might be worth another look given the amount of work involved with each. The hempy's are a breeze in comparison.

Our end goal is to make RSO oil's to heal the family. Active ingredients are key and terpenes do play a major role to be sure. BUT, if we're not smoking it per se, is it worth all the extra work and pain? Blah .

Thanks for hearing me out y'all. Just venting some. Sorry for the crappy pics. I was a wee bit shaky .

Dam Yankee