hey bbay,
just bought a tub of great white microhizzae (spelling) and im running a RDWC set up with it with canna nute range, any one have any experience with this? im planning on sterelising all my equiptment adn then running it with tap water for 5 days, getting desired temp, whist testing for leaks, my plan was them to dip my 1" rockwool cubes with my V3 seedlings at 12 days old directly into this GW powder, then putting it into the net pots with hydroton in my system, i then plan to make a tea up with it,(still looking for a decent one were i can get the bits lol) and use that to inoculate each basket of hydroton, then have a cup or 2 in my res recirculating, hoping to keep it clean and with plenty of good bacteria in my root zone,

if im in the wrong or anyone has anything to add please dont be shy in helping me out!

peace sqydro