im not looking to get in arguments with anyone, just looking for info and insight into this strain.

first off, i believe nevil and shanti have said the g13 mom died, and i think this was before nevil sold out to ben. so that would mean that sensi seeds never had the pure g13, or got it somewhere other than nevil. im not sure about any of this, if anyone has usefull info to add be my guest.

so im not too concerned with that whole situation right now, i just want to get a better idea of what to do with my mr nices. ive been looking for info, but come up short.

i want to know what others have found in this line, what the plants looked like, how they grew, any info on traits they display and such.

im looking for this info because i have 8 females, looks like they could be grouped into 5 phenos. it takes a lot of time and space to take care of so many different strains and different phenos of each strain, so the quicker i narrow it down the better. however, i dont want to be too hasty and eliminate something that could have been worth keeping.

i had not known sensi lists flowering times from when buds appear. i thought mr nice was a 60 day plant, but now i know most need at least 74.
i was not aware of it in time for the first batch
i became aware as a second run was nearing completion, not in time to do anything about it.
now there is a final third run nearing completion, but they will not be able to go more than 76 days, gonna shut down and be out at the end of the month.

so with my first few experiences with mr nice, i was not able to take care of them properly.

what i have seen from them is that there are some with a very odd structure, and they look like they will need 85-90 days to flower.

has anyone seen this, and are they worth keeping. seems too strange that a "pure" indica would take longer to flower than the jack herer, which is 50% haze.i am breeding with all of my plants and that is why i would like as much info about these "mothers" as possible, so i have a better idea of what they are contributing to the seeds, without having to grow the mothers or the seeds too much.
i hope you understand what i mean